SactoMoFo: Food Truck Madness in Sacramento this Weekend!

Last summer I ate my way through the San Francisco Street Food Festival which was FABULOUS!  Well, if you are in Sacramento this weekend, you have a chance to take part in the fun... just head over to Fremont Park on Saturday afternoon. SactoMoFo is taking over the park, and you'll have a chance to enjoy the best of Sacramento's food truck cuisine as well as some of San Francisco's best who are bringing their wares to the Delta.

Where: Fremont Park (16th and Q) in Sacramento
When: Saturday, April 30 (Noon - 6 pm)
Cost: Just pay for what you eat -- there's no admission charge.
Tip: Bring cash!  Some food trucks take credit cards, but cash makes everything easier.

Who to look for?
There are many Sacramento-based food trucks headed to the festival including The Miniburger Truck and Drewski's Hot Rod.  But also look out for some of SF's finest who will be driving up.
My faves?

  • Spencer-on-the-Go:  this food truck is often parked on my block and serves French food including escargot and the most amazing truffle burger... OMG!  And save room for the chocolate pudding -- a real, honest-to-God steamed pudding.  Yum!  
  • Chairman Bao:  this truck also often sets up shop across from my apartment. If you like fabulous steamed buns filled with pork and other yummy goodness, you'll LOVE Chairman Bao.  I love the pork buns, but I've never been disappointed by the Chairman.  
  • Seoul on Wheels:  Korean tacos.  Eat them.  

Make your way to the Central Valley this weekend to eat well!

Must See Museums: "Secrets of the Silk Road" at the Penn Museum

Now through March 28 (some objects only on view until March 15 -- see below)

Wow! I have to say that Edward Rothstein's write up about "Secrets of the Silk Road" at the Penn Museum left me breathless and ready to book a ticket to the City of Brotherly Love. The exhibit, a collection of objects from China illustrating the importance of the Silk Road and cross-Asian trade over multiple-millennia, sounds both exciting and inspiring.

As Rothstein writes, "Most of these astonishing artifacts should have ceased to exist long ago. Exposed to breath and light, you can imagine them disintegrating into powdery mist: silk pillows and robes, thin brocades of cloth with floral patterns and rich colors, woven baskets, felt hats, a braided fried dough twist, feathers from caps and arrows. Ephemera, surely: these are not lasting things of stone, bone and gold, and the newest are at least 1,000 years old."

So, those of you who are lucky enough to be near Philadelphia in the next few weeks should make your way to the Penn Museum post haste! Unfortunately, due to a "miscommunication" with the Chinese government, the exhibit will only run in its entirety through March 15. Then two mummies will be removed, and the remainder of the exhibit will run through March 28.

Make thy way to the Penn Museum for this incredible exhibit -- and be sure to let us know what you think of it, too!

Penn Museum
University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology
3260 South Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104
(215) 898-4000
Website (for hours and show dates):

Link Love: 

Another Stop on a Long, Improbable JourneyBy EDWARD ROTHSTEINPublished: February 20, 2011
What astonishes in the exhibition “Secrets of the Silk Road” at the Penn Museum in Philadelphia is that its ephemeral artifacts — brocaded cloth, felt hats, even fried dough — still exist.

Photo Friday: Autumn at Lake Tahoe

Fall is my favorite season, but living in San Francisco, signs of Autumn are few and far between.  However, I spent this week at a conference at Lake Tahoe -- not a bad gig at all!  Fall had clearly arrived; in fact, they are waiting for the snow to fly.  I had enough time to explore the area just a bit, too.  Here are the results including images from a sunrise photo shoot and salmon spawning in a local stream.

 Happy Autumn! 
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