Ireland Country Guide

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I have spent a lot of time in Ireland, and it appeals to me in many of the same ways that Italy does. The people of Ireland are kind and hospitable. The country is breathtakingly beautiful, and traveling is both interesting and relatively easy. I have gathered together resources for you as you think about a trip to the Emerald Isle — truly the greenest place on the planet! Here you will find hotel recommendations, itinerary ideas, and restaurant recommendations as well as a reading list and some stories from the road. I’ve driven across Ireland, traveled solo, with friends, and with large groups. The country’s history is fascinating and important to know and understand as you go. And the landscape’s otherworldly beauty will seep into your soul.

Whether you are headed to Ireland soon or just dreaming about someday, I hope you’ll enjoy a few recommendations for where to go and what to do in Ireland.

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Where to Stay in Ireland

Castles, hotels, and B & B — recommendations for all kinds of accommodations across Ireland from big cities into the countryside.


What to do in Ireland

Ireland is filled with history and natural beauty. Plan an itinerary which allows you to take it all in.

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Eating & Drinking in Ireland

The food! Where to go and what to eat as you travel about the Emerald Isle.

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Reading List: Ireland

What to read before you travel to Ireland

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Travel Stories: Ireland


Blog Posts: Ireland