Electing a Pope in the Sistine Chapel

Curious about what will happen when the conclave begins tomorrow? It is a fascinating and secret process all carried out beneath Michelangelo's frescos in the Sistine Chapel. I thought this article in the New York Times summed it up well (and shame on the Cardinal who leaked his journals! But it makes for good reading...):



Sunset over Rome from the roof of St. Peter's

A Simba moment with Bambino
Tonight we watched the sunset over Rome from the roof of St. Peter's Basilica. Totally magical! Added bonus: lots of room for Bambino to run around! How do you get there? I'll fill you in later. For now just enjoy the view!

Michelangelo's dome over St. Peter's Basilica at sunset

As the lights warm up, they first glow green and then amber which is rather magical against the darkening sky.

I had never been inside the basilica at night before. It is beautiful!

Parmigiano-Reggiano Night in Italy

Last night while I was soothing a jet-lagged toddler and searching for lost luggage, thousands of Italians were sitting down to eat one dish all across the country. It was a culinary act of solidarity in support of the cheese producers recently devastated by an earthquake in which they lost millions of dollars of aging cheese.

Read on and enjoy the recipe for what all of Italy was eating here: