The Holy Eclair

I was honored to write a blurb for this delightful book, and I highly recommend that you add her book to your shopping list this season.

My blurb for the book... 

The Holy Eclair: Sacred Souvenirs from an Accidental Pilgrimage

By Rebecca S Ramsey

"Becky Ramsey’s French immersion is not just one of logistics and language. She finds that the rituals of faith from her Baptist life in South Carolina simply do not translate to the heart of France. Steeped in the language of prayer and reverence, Ramsey discovers the sensuality of faith -- the presence of God in painting and conversation, in letting go of “productivity,” in mothering, in beauty, in apples, cider, wine, and in the perfect French eclair. Her spiritual journey is one for readers of all faiths -- a revelation in the saints who surround us each day and the presence of God beyond the walls and the work of the Church. But even more importantly, hers is a gentle message much needed in the conversation of spiritual shoulds and musts for today’s Christian woman -- that savoring God in the perfect eclair can and should be enough for one day."

I'm including the Amazon link here, but I know your local independent bookstore would love to sell this book to you! 😉

Congratulations, Becky!