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what travelers say about their Italian Journeys and Angela Nickerson

This was a trip we had long looked forward to taking, and it exceeded our hopes... It was educational, inspirational, and just plain enjoyable. Obviously, there is so much to see in Florence and Rome, so much history and beauty to absorb that two weeks is insufficient to take it all in, but we certainly came home with some wonderful images to revisit in our minds, memories that will last for years, and a feeling that we had the opportunity to walk back into time and to revel in the breathtaking beauty and grace and spiritual meaning of work created by artistic and architectural geniuses.
— Gregory Favre | Sacramento, California
Traveling with Angela around Italy was one of the most intensely rewarding travel experiences I’ve ever had. She is by far the most well-informed and personally engaged ‘tour-leaders’ I’ve had the privlege of traveling with. The trip to the Vatican and her commentary ont he Sistine Chapel alone totally changed my perspective on the monument (from fabulous to truly overwhelming); even though it was my third visit, I felt like I was viewing it through newly opened eyes. The Forum was magically transformed from a stretch of ruins to the glory of the old Roman Empire! Perhaps most amazingly she greeted every place with such vigor and excitement — a smile and a laugh; her enthusiasm is truly contagious. I only wish I would take her with me on every trip that I take.
— Aaron Sherman | St. Louis, Missouri
Although I wanted more time to read and research before arriving, feeling that this would allow me to make better use of the time and experience, I found that having you there to point out highlights, to give artistic, cultural, and political background, and to assist both our daily travel logistics and give insider shortcuts to schedules, lines, and transit options more than made up for any preparation I may have missed ahead of time. Your genuine enthusiasm for the country, culture, and art was engaging and inspiring. Wishing you every success with future trips as I am sure you’ll have. Know that I look forward to traveling together again and will be jealous of those who get to enjoy your knowledge in the mean time.
— John Sall | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Traveling with Angela is like having a back-stage pass to the entire city. We bypassed long lines because of her advance planning. She brought us to hidden, out-of-the-way treasures that even locals were surprised to learn about.

I always thought I was too independent to travel with a group, but this was not ordinary ‘group tour.’ Our itinerary had the perfect balance of scheduled activities and free time, city and country, magnificence and simplicity.

Angela is very knowledgeable and her enthusiasm is absolutely contagious. She’s a great storyteller. Who knew art history was so scandalous, comical, and heart-rending?
— Terra Widdifield | Minneapolis, Minnesota



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