The Thirty-One Fresh Market Thermal

My Favorite Beach Bag

Surprisingly Useful

Not long before our Hawaii trip, I ordered a Fresh Market Thermal from my friend, Dorothy. I thought it might be good for picnics and soccer games. It arrived just days before our trip, and as we headed out the door to the airport, I stuffed it into my suitcase thinking, "This might be good at the beach." I am so glad I did! This makes the BEST beach bag!


  • I was able to keep snacks and water cool at the beach.
  • My camera and phone also fit inside and stayed cool, dry, and didn't get sandy. Did you know your phone and camera can overheat in the sun? 
  • Everything stayed dry and cool. I didn't even put ice in -- just cold bottles of water.
  • It is a great size -- big enough for a family, but not cumbersome.
  • It has a nice side pocket for your phone or keys. 
  • Sand does not stick to the fabric. I love the beach, but I hate coming home full of sand. This bag doesn't collect sand like some do. 
  • It packed flat in my suitcase. And when we were coming home, I packed it as an extra carryon with our shopping treasures. 
  • You can have it monogrammed which is cute and practical.

My bag has become my go-to beach and pool bag, and it went with me to the Dominican Republic this summer, too. If you don't know a Thirty-One Gifts consultant, I recommend mine: Dorothy Chen.