Help After Harvey

Here's a way to help in Houston! Can your class or your child's class sponsor a classroom at my niece's school?

Saint Thomas' Episcopal School in Houston was decimated by the flooding. They are scurrying to reopen in temporary buildings and rented space so that their families, many of whom lost everything, can get back to work -- or work on their flooded homes or businesses.

My brother-in-law, Danny Kahalley, is the Director of Admissions at STE, and Lydia, Bambino's cousin and best-friend-in-the-whole-wide-world, just started Kindergarten there.

Lisa Kahalley, my sister, is matching STE classes (grades PreK - 12) with people who can help get them enough supplies so that they can get started again.

Can you help? Maybe your child's class can adopt a class of kids their age. Or your church? Your book club? Your circle? Lisa has set up Amazon Wish Lists for each class, so people can make purchases and have them shipped directly.

If you can help, please let me know, and I will connect you! Thank you! To contact me: aknickerson (at) mac (dot) com or leave a comment below. 

And for more about STE, check out Danny's latest reflection on the flooding and their community: A Lesson Learned Outside the Classroom